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I am a photographer and musician from the Orkney Islands, off the north coast of Scotland. I spent all my childhood and most of my teen years growing up on one of the inner islands of Orkney called Rousay. Nicknamed 'Egypt of the North', Rousay contains many archaeological sites and it was by no means boring growing up there - contrary to what people my age on the mainland of Orkney thought!. I spent most of my time outdoors in all weathers, playing in the fields, making hideouts within the trees and venturing into the vast hills that compose the island.  When I wasn't outside, I would usually be found playing music.
Growing up in this environment, with little opportunity to be engage in social groups, I developed a creative imagination and passion for nature, which greatly contributes to my inspiration as both a photographer and musician.
Despite taking much of my inspiration from the land that encompassed me through most of my life, I didn't take up photography until I was in my twenties.  Photography was never something that I had considered for a hobby, but I inadvertently found myself becoming involved and very much addicted by the subject.
Like most self-taught photographers, I am learning by trial and error; taking plenty of terrible photos of things as I go along.  I feel that I am now beginning to find my place in photography, and when I look at the work that I have created, I can see myself in them.
Unlike some other photographers, I have never focused on 'establishing my niche, and I enjoy photographing a variety of different subjects. I also feel that it keeps things interesting and my inspiration moving.


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Rousay - "Egypt of the North"

"I really believe that the photos I have seen are pictures of the Divine"

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Did I also mention that I'm a musician?...Yeah, I thought I did...


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