If Your Wedding is Cancelled, Jump in the Sea!

I know you're probably sick of hearing about the 'C' word, but it has had such an impact on everyone's lives, that we will be hearing about it for decades to come. In 40 years time, we'll be sitting with our grandchildren, and in our best London accents, saying: "during the time of Covid-19, the world was a very different place...".

As a photographer, it has certainly had a huge impact on me and my business. Primarily, I'm a wedding photographer and around 90% of my work is weddings, so when it was announced that there was to be a ban on events and gatherings, I immediately started thinking about the best way that I could help my clients in order to try and soften the blow for them. There are hundreds of couples across the country that have had to postpone their wedding due to the virus or that have gone ahead with a very different occasion than they had planned. I can't imagine how gutted they must feel.

When couples are planning their wedding, it really does become their life. It consumes them, and every free moment is spent researching, planning and prepping for that day. I often refer to the bride I worked with that was so intimidated by the prospect of free time after the big day, that she had a degree course lined up a couple of weeks after the honeymoon! It really is that consuming!

Kasia and Euan first got in touch with me about their 2020 wedding in September 2018 - you don't have to be a mathematician to figure out that that's a long time to be planning and looking forward to something. So, when their would-be-wedding rolled around on the 4th of July, they didn't want it to be a upsetting occasion filled with thoughts of what would have been and wanted to do something to soften the blow and perhaps make a happier memory of that day and decided that they would have a lovely photoshoot along their favourite beach with their dog, Nelson.

It was 10 o'clock on Saturday morning and heavy rain was forecast, but when we arrived at the beach it was still dry and incredibly still; the only sound that you could hear was the gentle sound of waves that lazily flopped onto the sand.

We got some fantastic photographs, with Nelson being the star of the show, of course.

When we were just about to wrap-up, Kasia and (forcibly) Euan had planned to unwrap and run into the sea. Now, this is Orkney and the water temperature only varies around 4 degrees between summer and winter, so it is not my idea of fun, but I was fully supportive of their decision as I love taking photos of things that are a little bit different, so away they went!

I find it incredibly admirable that Kasia and Euan decided that they weren't going to let their day be spoiled and chose not to sit around dwelling on the negatives, but instead rewrite the day with happy memories.

What's a better way to make the best of a bad situation than by reminding yourself why you wanted to get married in the first place.

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